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Welcome to this virtual-college training course on Food Safety & Hygiene. If you are listening to this our system thinks you are using a screen reader. In an effort to assist users with vision impairment our content offers an number of services.

If you do have vision problems we suggest you use the low vision mode of the content navigation system. To activate this mode click on the low vision symbol on the navigation system or press the shift button and the number 7 key simultainiously.


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The Navigation bar at the bottom of the unit provides all the functions you need to navigate through the material. The forward and back buttons (labelled 3 and 5) will turn from grey to blue when you can navigate to the next or previous pages. You must view all the areas of the page in order for the button to become enabled. If the navigation won't let you continue make sure you have clicked on all the clickable areas of the page.

1. Jump to page

This button allows you to easily navigate to any other page in the training unit. It also displays the current status of each page. Hover over the page title to see a quick synopsis of the page's text.

2. Your Notes

This allows you to add your own notes to pages in the unit. You can then print these notes off at anytime for future reference.

3. Back Button

Takes you to the previous page. - This will be disabled until the page you are on is completed, when you have completed this page it will flash green to show you that you are ready to proceed. If you wish to leave a page before you have completed it use the Jump to Page feature.

4. Logo

Your training provider's logo.

5. Forward Button

Takes you to the next page. - This will be disabled until the page you are on is completed, when you have completed this page it will flash green to show you that you are ready to proceed. If you wish to leave a page before you have completed it use the Jump to Page feature.

6. Print

Prints the current page.

7. Glossary

Allows you to lookup words that appear in pages, just type the word into the box and the list of definitions will be narrowed down according to the text you enter.

8. The Timer

Shows how long you have spent in this unit.

9. Save

If you are running in a VLE this button updates the VLE with your progress.

10. Help

Accesses this screen

11. Current Page Number

Shows you the page you are currently on and the number of pages in the unit.

12. Mute Button

Click this button to mute the sound.

13. Minimise

This button will shrink the navigation bar to a small size allowing more space for the content, use this if you are on a small screen.

14. Quit

This button will save your progress and exit the unit.

15. Volume Slider

Sets the volume of the audio narration, left lower and right higher

16. Repeat Button

Repeats the audio narration.

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Your Notes

This feature allows you to create your own notes for this lesson. These will be stored by the system and will be here the next time you come back to the lesson. You may print off your notes at anytime for future reference.

We will not read your notes ! This also means we will not be able to check the correctness of your notes.

Add Note

Add note

Print your notes

Notes in separate window


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Jump to Page

This shows the pages within this training unit that you can jump to.

Please click on the title of the page which you wish to be taken from the list below:


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Training Unit Completed

Print My Notes


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Connection Status

Your current status is :

Status Unknown

Below is a description of what each state means


This is the normal mode for a training unit operate.

This means the training unit has successfully located your LMS. The training unit will work in conjuction with your LMS (VLE, TMS) to record your progress, time taken, notes taken and results are all being relayed to and record by your LMS.

If you were to leave the training and come back at a later point, the training unit will be able to recover all these details from the LMS and restore you to the exact state you left it in.

Not Connected

This means the training unit has not been able to find a LMS (VLE,TMS).

If this is the case you will be working in an "offline mode", this mean your progress, notes and results will not be stored in an LMS, even if you pass/complete the training no record will be stored of this. If you were to leave the content and return you will be starting the training afresh.

This could simply mean you are reviewing the course material or even watching a course material demo. If this is the case then working without an LMS conection is completely normal